Dr Amanda Foreman

Dr. Amanda Foreman is an award-winning historian and columnist. She is the author of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (winner of the 1998 Whitbread Prize for Biography) and A World on Fire (winner of the Fletcher Pratt Award for Civil War History). In 2015 Foreman wrote and presented the BBC2 series, The Ascent of Woman. The following year Foreman chaired the Man Booker Prize, serving on the jury for the second time.  In 2019 she created the exhibition ‘Queen Victoria’s Palace’ for the annual summer opening of Buckingham Palace.

She is a co-founder of the literary nonprofit, House of SpeakEasy Foundation, a trustee of the Whiting Foundation, and Chair of the Feminist Institute. Her next books will be The World Made by Women: A History of Women from the Apple to the Pill, (Random House, 2022), and Rebel, Victim, Partner, Star: All the Presidents’ Wives (NatGeo, 2023). 

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