Women at Oxford 1878-1920: Digital Archive Collection

The University of Oxford was one of the first universities to admit women to lectures and is therefore of particular interest to scholars as its history is unique and important. Prior to the formation of this digitisation project, the relevant records were patchy, undigitised, distributed unevenly between the women’s colleges and the Bodleian, and were therefore difficult to locate, consult and compare. Admissions records for women before 1920, for instance, were kept in individual college archives rather than centrally and this has hampered research in what is a crucial and understudied aspect of the history of education and reform in the University.

Through the digitisation of more than 7,000 archival images, which include admissions records, annual reports, calendars, photographs, scrapbooks, minutes and letters, this projects seeks to change the way that we understand and research the history of higher education in Oxford, the United Kingdom and beyond. The project also hopes to facilitate scholars in developing a better understanding of the overall history of women’s education and activism, as well as the experiences of individual women, campaign groups and institutions.

The Association for Promoting the Education of Women in Oxford (AEW)

Annual Reports, Minutes and Calendars

AEW Annual Reports 1879-1920 (ANN/AEW 1/1) [Not Yet Digitised - Available to consult at St Anne's College by appointment]

Volume of AEW Calendars 1887-1893 (ANN/R 9/2)

Volumes of AEW Calendars 1900-1907 & 1913 (SHG/R/2/1/1-3)

AEW Calendar Booklets 1908-1920 (SHG/R/2/1/4)

Oxford Home-Students AEW Reports 1879-1910 (ANN/OHS 1/1)

AEW Records and Loose Papers

Loose Papers of the AEW (SH/BURR 031/19-51)

Records of the AEW – AEW Agendas, Printed Papers and Early Lecture Lists (SC/EO/AEW).


College Scrapbooks

St Hugh’s College

Scrapbook 1888-1924 (SHG/K/5/1)

Scrapbook 1920-1939 (SHG/K/5/2)

Lady Margaret Hall

Cuttings Album 1910-1928 (LMH/Album 3)

St Anne’ College  

Letterbook 2. Second Move for Degrees 1919-20 (ANN/R 2/2)

Education of Women 1894-1912 (ANN/R 4/2)


Degrees and Diplomas

Degrees for Women Papers 1895-1898 (SHG/C/3/1)

Degrees for Women Papers Feb-Mar 1896 (SHG/C/3/2)


Delegacy for Women Students

Annual Reports, Registers, Minutes and Calendars

Delegacy for Women Students Annual Reports 1911-1920 (ANN/WS 1/1)

Society of Oxford Home-Students Annual Reports – under the Delegacy, 1910-1919 (SHG/R/2/2/1)

College Papers of the Delegacy for Women Students 

Loose Papers of the Delegacy for Women Students (SH/BURR 031/52-66)

Loose Papers of the Delegacy for Women Students (SC/EO/DW)


Principals and Tutors

Papers Relating to Principals’ Meetings c.1910-1915 (SHG/C/1/5)

Papers Relating to Principals’ Meetings c.1919-1924 (SHG/C/1/6)

Minutes of the Society of Oxford Women Tutors 1909-1925 : Volume 1 (SC/AO/WO/SOWT/2), Volume 2 (SC/AO/WO/SOWT/2), Volume 3 (SC/AO/WO/SOWT/3)

Loose Papers of the Society of Oxford Women Tutors (SH/BURR 031/76-81)

Minutes of Principals’ Meetings 1903-1917 (SC/PO/PM/1)

Minutes of Principals’ Meetings 1918-1924 (SC/PO/PM/2)


Student Register

Combined Register: 1878-1920


The Fritillary

The Fritillary 1894-1931 (SHG/R/2/3 & ANN/WS/5/1)